Plastic Catchers

A Game That Helps Clean The Oceans

Leonardo and Marco

We are two 17 years old Italian students who love developing little games as a challenge to ourselves and are always trying to find new ideas and motivations to create new projects. The sea has always been an important part of our lives and when we knew we had the concrete possibility to help it we immediately got to work

About Plastic Catchers

Plastic Catchers is a simple mobile game where you need to sail a boat in order to collect plastic and get points. By doing so you will actually help the planet because we will donate 100% of the money you will generate from the ads and, in this way, you will see the amount of plastic you saved from oceans in the game. Without having to spend money on it, you could easily collect kilograms of plastic by playing just a few hours at Plastic Catchers

Plastic in the oceans


Every year 260 millions of tons of plastic are produced and the 10% of it goes in the sea

The damage of plastic


Thousands of species are at risk because of the microplastics that poison the water and increase his acidity while others are suffocating with the big wastes

What can we do to help


everyone can do the difference with small acts in our lives such as recycling and avoiding buying products that use a lot of plastic and Plastic Catchers is our way to help.

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